Letter from Drunvalo

Living In The Heart & Earth/Sky Workshop.
You are One with the Creator of this universe, and you always have been. There never has been a time when you were not One, and there never will be a time when this is not true.
Because you and I are One with the Creator, you and I can personally change the world and bring peace and beauty to this entire planet. But you must change yourself first. You simply have to remember who you were before you fell into this very dark place.
This workshop combines both of the previous workshops into one. The purpose is to give all of the information and knowledge of the human energy field, the MER-KA-BA, the missing information around the BEAMS OF LIGHT coming from the pineal gland, and the instructions of how both of these human energy fields are intimately linked to the SACRED SPACE OF THE HEART, the place of creation. The place where all new worlds are born.
Once this information is practiced in unison, a new Earth emerges from one's inner vision. A way of seeing where this outer world that seems so chaotic and crazy, begins to recreate itself from deep within your own heart by a dreaming process long, long forgotten.
Together, we will remember. Fear will turn to love. Hope will emerge out of desperation. And the World can have a second chance, if only you care enough to reveal the truth of who you really are.
If you believe you are supposed to be at this gathering, I would be honored to help you to remember your intimate connection to God.
From my Heart, Drunvalo Melchizedek.